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You all want to know how to cook the perfect turkey? Well here it is.....


Since this is Thanksgiving this is probably not the time to experiment and go wierd.  Basic is just great as this is the holiday to be simple.  That being said take your thawed turkey and add whatever seasoning you want to the outside of the bird.  Salt and Pepper is usually the best but do as you will.  Pre heat oven to 500 degrees.  Lift the skin of the bird and rub butter between skin and meat.  Go ahead and stuff you bird with your own traditional goodness, i.e. fruit or stuffing.  Place bird on a roasting rack inside a roasting pan.  Tuck the wings under and then place on lower rack of oven. Do not cover bird.  Cook for 30 mins then lower oven to 350 degrees and cook until internal temp reaches 161 degrees.  I know turkey is cooked when it reaches 165 degrees but you gotta trust me on this.  As with all meats you must let them rest for a short time. Your bird will probably be around 15 lbs so this will take 2-21/2 hours. When you take it out tent with foil and let stand for 10-15 mins.  This allows for the juices to redistribute and the bird will keep cooking and will reach 165 degrees!  Walla! bird is golden brown and not over cooked.  Not only is it beautiful but it is juicy. Use this method and you will be on your way to a, dare I say, a Perfect Gathering! 


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